How to Make a Free Website

How to Make a Free Website: Step by Step Tutorial

STEP #1: Find a Domain Name:

What is a domain name?

To make a free website, you will need a domain. A domain is the URL (Link) of a website. See it as an online street adress. When you type in the URL of the domain into your browser, (the app that let you surf on the internet. Such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) your browser will take you to that adress with lightspeed! Ok…Ok…Not realy that fast but you’re getting the point that you surf the web to the other side of the world in just seconds.


Where do you get a domain name?

There are thousands of websites that offer domain registrations. The most popular is GoDaddy. They have the most registered domains of all providers. Available in every country. They also have an auction section where you can buy old domains that are expired. I will continu about the benefits of buying an old expired or soon to expire domain in the next heading.

Make a Free WebsiteMake a Free Website

Make a Free WebsiteMake a Free Website

However, to Make a Free Website, you should realy buy a catchy domain name for under 10 bucks. A name that connects your content to your website. You can get a free domain with your free webhosting at 000webhost. The BIG downside of this, is that 000webhost adds to your free domain name. So if you’re going to register the domain “”, you’ll end up with Now it is free with free SSL security but no one will like your websites name. I realy recommend you buy real domain name and register your domain with Free Web Hosting. (continu reading for free webhosting in the next topic)


What kind of domain name should I get?

What we have done with this domain is, we bought this $1,- expired (or soon to expire) domain from GoDaddy. The benefits of buying an expired domain is that the old owner of the expired domain has already done some work in the past. They builded up backlinks to boost their page ranking. So when you buy an expired domain, it can already have build up authority with google before you even start your website. This means when your website goes live, there already are backlinks referred to your website (domain). Which is free organic traffic that helps your SEO and should be easier to boost your Google ranking.

You are probably thinking, why do we have 6243 in our domain name?
Well, We want to show you that the name of a domain doesn’t have to perfect. In conclusion it’s realy all about the content like; (free) Information, Products, Services on your website. Usefull information that solves a problem is especially relevant. If you can deliver quality content, people will be interested in what you’re saying. They don’t care if your name is abit weird as long as they can improve themselves.


How do you choose your domain name?

Can i Make a Free Website out of it? Yes ofcourse, you always can!
Is it brandable? Can you start your own brand with your domain name?
Is it memorable? Can people remember your site name? Rather than a hard name no one remembers…
Is it catchy? Who doesn’t like slogans? We all know the health hype “Organic, All Natural, Gluten Free, etc”


Step #2: Choose a Website Building Platform:

What is a website platform?

A platform is a collection of code written in some programming language that is used to generate the dynamic web pages that make up a website. Quora uses an open-source platform called Tornado to serve its website. When you request a web page from a Quora server, that server fetches the data needed to build the web page (such as the question and all its answers, and the comments on the question and each answer), then puts together a web page displaying all that information. This is done using a web platform (otherwise known as a web framework). The completed web page is then transmitted back to your web browser, which renders it on your screen.

A platform has everything you need to make a free website, but a website does not have the ability to create a platform.


What are the most popular website building platforms?

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. They are the most popular open source website building platforms. They are called CMS (Content Management Systems). You can try them out to Make a Free Website. We focus on WordPress because it’s so user friendly!

Wordpress Website
WordPress Dashboard Clean Setup


Why WordPress instead of other platforms?

It’s totally FREE to make a free website. In addition with many themes and plugins to choose from.
It’s super beginner and user friendly.
Good for small websites as much as big websites.
Your site will be ‘responsive’. In conclusion it will work on every device.
Superior support and developer community available to help.
Of all websites on the internet, 50% is made with Wordpress!

Tip: Look at how professionals do it. Learn what do they do and implement these tactics for yourself! Start making notes.


Special bonus for beginners: One Click Store Install!

Shopify is a specialist in eCommerce! Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. Try Shopify Free for 14 days. No risk and no credit card required. This is their slogan! In addition by far the most easiest way to create an online store. For a few bucks a month, you’ll get a one click store install. This means that you can setup your store with just a few clicks within 60 seconds. Really Easy! I highly recommend you try out the 14 days trail if you think this tutorial cost too much time or effort.



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