How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress: Step by Step Tutorial

Step #5 How to Install WordPress:

How to Install WordPress? Therefore, login to your cPanel of your web hosting provider. We show you step by step how easy it’s done with 000webhost for free.

How to Install WordPress

Once your’e logged in, you simply follow the steps. Click on Build WordPress Website as a result to continu to the next step.

How to Install WordPress

At this point you’re setting up the details of your wordpress installation. You have to create an Admin username and password for your WordPress website, so your account is the Administrator. Choose the domain where you want to install WordPress. For most people they set the language to english but that’s all up to you. How to Install WordPress? In conclusion continu to click on Install.

How to Install WordPressHow to Install WordPress

WordPress is now being installed. This can take a minute or two so just let it do its work and you will get the message that it’s complete. As a result your website should be online! Click on go to configuration page or go to your website by typing in your Domain/admin: “(”.

How to Install WordPress

It will ask you to login with your WordPress Admin username or Email and password that you made while installing WordPress. When you finaly logged in, you will be in the backend of your website. You land on the starting page that is called your dashboard. This is where all your options are. Like a navigation.

How to Install WordPress

Congratulations! You just installed WordPress on your website for free! See how easy it is? But wait, there is alot more to learn. Take a look on the different kinds of WordPress themes. Every theme has their own layout and structure. In the next step we show you how to install any theme on your wordpress site. If you think these steps are too much, try out Shopify!


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