How to Install Themes

How to Install Themes: Step by Step Tutorial

Step #6 How to Install Themes:

How to Install Themes? In this tutorial we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to install and activate themes in your WordPress website. Check out the best WordPress Themes for many designs that you can choose from!


What theme do you choose?

Well.. We guess a Free Theme. So we searched for one. One where everyone can do anything they want with it. Blogging, Make an Affiliate Website, Start you own Dropshipping Business or other ways on How to Make Money Online.
With Store Villa you can do all the basic but good stuff for Free!
Tip: Store Villa Pro has even a feature that let you setup the demo theme automaticly in a few clicks!

Tip: If you already have setup a theme, activating another theme will completely change the layout of your site. When you change things, your old theme settings will likely be changed too.


How to Install Themes for Free?

To install StoreVilla you need to login on your WordPress website. On the left side in the option menu, you look for Themes in the category Appearance.

How to Install Themes
Search for Themes in WordPress

Here are all your downloaded themes. You can only activate one theme at the time.
Click Add New to search for a new theme you like. In this case we choose Store Villa.

How to Install Themes
Add New Themes

Here you can search for any kind of themes. Most of all Premium, but alot of them are free aswell. Search for Storevilla and Store Villa will show up. Click Install to install Store Villa.

How to Install Themes
How to Install Themes

After you installed Store Villa, activate it by clicking Activate.

Activate Theme

Now that you activated Store Villa Theme, it will ask you to install the recommended plugins. These are completely free to use. We recommend you click on Begin installing plugins.

How to Install Themes
Installing Themes Plugins

As a result you get the option what plugins you want to install. We check them all and install them together.
Continu to click on Apply.

Bulk Install

All the recommended plugins are being installed. This can take a few minutes so just let it do it’s work.

How to Install Themes
Installing Recommended Plugins

After the install is complete, you are done and are left with a message; Welcome to WooCommerce.

How to Install Themes
How to Setup WooCommerce

You completed How to Install Themes on your website.
Tip: If you want to change the layout like colors, banners, testimonials, or other front/homepage stuff (widgets).
Look on their website or other Video’s for a step by step tutorial!
The next step we talk about is how to setup woocommerce.

If you don’t have time for all these steps, i would recommend you try Shopify!


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